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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Tomer Litvin.

Here in the “About” section of TomerLitvin.com, you can learn more about Tomer Litvin both personally and professionally, as well as learning more about this website.  It is Tomer’s sincere hope that the content on this page is everything you – a valued visitor to his site – would be looking for in an “About” section of a site such as this.

About TomerLitvin.com

Tomer’s blog is contained here on TomerLitvin.com.  In fact, the Tomer Litvin blog is the primary function of this website.  Here, Tomer writes about anything of interest to him – both personally and professionally.  So, you’re just as likely to see a post about his newborn child as you may be to see him write about martial arts, or perhaps about an event at Siam Star MMA.

Tomer Litvin: The Entrepreneur

Professionally, Tomer Litvin makes his living as the owner, operator and head instructor at Siam Star MMA, a martial arts gym that is located in Allen, TX, serving Allen and the surrounding north Dallas area.  So, not only is Tomer a highly experienced martial artist, but he’s also an entrepreneur.  He envisions not just one Siam Star MMA gym.  He envisions multiple locations, as any good entrepreneur would!

Tomer Litvin: The Martial Artist

Tomer Litvin has been a martial artist for most of his adult life, so it would be reasonable to look at Tomer Litvin The Martial Artist from a professional perspective.  However, if you ask Tomer about martial arts, you’re just as likely to get a more personal answer than a professional one.

For Tomer, martial arts is a philosophy.  Martial arts engenders a way of life… a certain way of thinking, and of being.  So, sure, some of his posts about martial arts will be posts about subjects such as martial artists he likes, or perhaps an announcement about a sparring event happening at Siam Star MMA.  However, he’s just as likely to write about how martial arts disciplines and conditions the mind, or perhaps how martial arts has molded him into the man he is today.

Tomer Litvin: The Man, Husband & Father

Like any good man, Tomer places a high priority on the roles he maintains in his personal life as a family man, husband and father.  Tomer will most certainly be sharing his thoughts in these roles on his blog here on TomerLitvin.com, as well as about his various interests – including martial arts (particularly Muay Thai), but also about other personal interests Tomer has, such as his interest in firearms.

Connect With Tomer

Hopefully, we’ve provided some level of insight into who Tomer Litvin is as a man, a husband, a father, a martial artist and as an entrepreneur.  However, if you want to get to know Tomer a little more, you can find/connect/follow/friend/get to know Tomer at one or more of the following social media venues:

Also, Tomer’s profile on the Siam Star MMA website can be found here.